Dubai – Hanoi Vietnam – Hue Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh Vietnam – (border crossing to Cambodia) – Siem Reap Cambodia (border crossing Thailand) – Bangkok Thailand. After crossing the border between Cambodia and Thailand, we ended up in Khao San Road where the mini van dropped us (me and sister Kristine). I visited Thailand last year (2011) but I never heard or I am unaware about the Khao San Road. Maybe because I am not focus in the backpacking travels. Khao San Road, is just a small road like cut road in between to main roads. Its a very lively street and honestly I’ll never get bored of this place. *This is where you should be when you wanted a all day-all night party. Seeing myself holding a bottle of beer at 12noon drinking until night! *This is where you should be when you need to sleep in a cheap and comfortable hostels and Inns. Staying in an Inn with the amenities of a hotel but the price of a hostel. * This is the place where you can meet alot of travelers,males & females,bisexual, all types of travelers. You will know that guys are travelers in a their hippies & lumber sexual form, untidy, tanned skin, the smell of Sun and beer and you know they came from a full moon party in Koh Pangan. Ladies in their sexy worn out denim shorts and sleeveless exposing a very nice tanned skin,women laughing with newly meet friends, drinking and never ending partying. *This is the place where you should be when you wanted to eat EXOTIC Foods, street foods, Thai foods. *This is the place where you should be when you require all forms of certificates. Marriage certificate, driver’s license.etc. *This is the place where you should be when you need to change your outfit, when you have the power of good bargaining, shopping. *This is a place for all tattoos, rings and piercings. ——What else do you need—–?? That’s how I have seen and experience Khao San Road.


I will never deny the fact in the world this is favorite soup. All recipes and varieties of Tom Yum soup I like…. and this is just 110 Thai Baht. So someone called me “Miss Tom Yum” that time because I am eating breakfast-lunch-dinner only Tom Yum. 🙂


Restaurants in Khao San Area where you can eat each meal for as low as 100 Thai Baht.


One of the things you need to do is to have a massage. Thai massage is very good. This is foot massage in Khao San Road.


Khao San Entertainment,all break dancing, balancing dance, all sort of performers. Free to see but you can give an amount for their effort.


Meals in Platinum Mall is little bit costly compared to other area in Bangkok.their food is a little bit spicy also. Platinum Mall is the best experience for shopping, ever..all sort of copy dresses.. fashion dresses,denims, shirts, bags , accessories. Name it and you can have it all.


Another night in lively Khao San Road


Small street , on a narrow space, in Khao San.


Want to have a tattoo?


My sister loves to eat,here back in Silk Bar, Khao San Road.


The design is nice , and food in this restaurant is very affordable. Im having my SHEESHA here all the time. Flavor: Strawberry. Very easy to find.

DSC_0410 (3)

On our way to Platinum Mall, in Pratunam Area, colorful taxis in Bangkok.

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