HUE IMPERIAL CITY or known as THE CITADEL- As what I can remember this was the capital of Vietnam until 1945. From HANOI we took the train, for 4 sleeping berths to HUE which took us 18 hours maximum and the cost before year 2012 was 902,000 Vietnamese Dong (VND). We left around 9pm from Hanoi Train Station and arrive almost afternoon. From the Railway station, I booked a pick up from the hotel. We stayed in Hanh Danat Hotel ( for a very reasonable price with breakfast and the view is amazing from the rooftop.

May 2012 was rainy yet very humid. Although it hot in Dubai where I am working, but the humidity in Southeast Asia was different and everyday we were dehydrated. The CITADEL is huge complex of temples,quarters for princes/princesses and concubines.

Still inside The Citadel,a place for dancing, performing or for guest during Nguyen Dynasty.

One of the receiving area in one of the palaces inside the Citadel City.

Another Temple accessorize by huge jars- still inside The Citadel

Huge jars outside the Yellow-Red Temple in The Citadel. I forgot the name of the temple-so many to remember.

The entrance to the temples and quarters. You can find the miniature display of The Citadel inside this building.


THIEN MU PAGODA- means the CELESTIAL LADY. as per stories and the legends posted in wikipedia. This Pagoda means: According to the royal annals, Hoang while touring the vicinity, was told of the local legend in which an old lady, known as Thiên Mụ (literally “celestial lady”), dressed in red and blue sat at the site, rubbing her cheeks. She foretold that a lord would come and erect a pagoda on the hill to pray for the country’s prosperity. She then vanished after making her prophecy. Upon hearing this, Hoang ordered the construction of a temple at the site, thus the beginning of Thiên Mụ Tự.

On our way back to the hotel.This is Perfume River

Its to board back to our hotel.

TOMB OF MINH MANG – who would thought that this beautiful garden is in fact a Tomb of Second Emperor Minh Mang of Nguyen Dynasty.

View from the top-opposite temple.

And well, here I am wearing the Vietnamese hat – NON LA. Sometimes referred to as bamboo hats or Conical hat made from leaf. This is part of Vietnamese National Costume. Just outside the Tomb of Khải Định,. we did not go inside the complex, we waited for the other tourist outside drinking Coca Cola.

As part of the tour, we watched and being entertained by this KARATE show.

For souvenirs, you can buy this bags.Very affordable- lets say “cheap”.

We also visited the Village of making INCENSE, but did not stay longer

This is the view from the rooftop of our hotel Hanh Danat Hotel.

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