Shopping Area Kish

This is one of Kish Island of Iran’s shops. Around the corner of Farabi Hotel. I went for what we call ” exit”. You need to go for an exit in order to have your Dubai Employment Visa, so you have an option to go in Oman or here in Kish Iran.


This is a small Iranian boutique for jeans, trousers, hand leather bags.

Ghost town-like

The place looks like a ghost town. I arrived past midnight and around 9am I’ve got my visa. So it took me only like 9 hours stay. We all took the bus from the airport and drop us in any hotel.I stayed in Farabi Hotel Within that span of time, I managed to look around,took some pictures. There are few restaurants around, Sheesha place (common thing to do in Kish), the place is near on the beach.


In Kish, there are alot of Filipino and other nationalities, who were stranded for a very long time. The situation is unforgiving and they lived to tell you their story. I spoke to some and they said they have been in Kish for 7 years. One of the main reason for this “exit” is that, the employer promise to provide you an employment visa so you need to go for an exit as law applies. These people waited but visa never happened. They were stuck in that place and no one is helping them. Their family can’t even provide enough money for plane tickets. Each one has its tragic story. Lucky for those people who got their Dubai Employment visas.


Kish Island of Iran Airport. Upon arrival they had given me an Kish Island ID.


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